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Sunday, September 11, 2011

One Month Later....

Hello everyone,

So, where have I been?  That is a good question, as this has been a month of many things, and I will try to bring it all to you here.  This has been a month in the supernatural realm and real world.  I guess this will be a free-form posting, running this way and that.

I am still unemployed, and 6 weeks in, still searching and still hopeful.  Originally accepted for unemployment, my former employer decided to appeal and now I have appealed back and await a hearing.  Fortunately, I have savings in reserve for a few months to pay bills and keep moving forward.   Some days are long at home and frustrating to say the least.  I have been over qualified, a finalist candidate, and had several interviews, but no offers.  The time companies are taking to make decisions boggles me at times, because they are moving slow.  Opportunities I had hoped for have come down to positions where over 1,000 people have applied for spots.  Competition is out there, and I am looking for any positions, FT or PT and may need several to pay bills.

Time at home was not all bad.  In fact, there were several good things.  First, were my kids.  My son Drew stayed with me for 2 weeks, as there was soccer practice 2x a day for High School.   I was able to take him and help out my ex, who would normally have him.  Then, I had my daughter and son for the first week of school, up until Labor Day Weekend.  Spending more time with them was a nice end to the summer.
I was also able to reflect on everything that happened, spend some time alone and work on energizing my relationship with the Lord.  I am also able to get to more of my son's soccer games and my daughter's weekend games also, at least in the short term.

Home projects have been put on hold and I am paying the bills and cutting back.  I had a choice to make, go negative, sleep in and live in fear, or seek God, press into him and work hard in faith and hope.  I believe that God is moving in my life and this is a season of change....change for the better.
I have had a relationship with the Lord since I was Slain in the Spirit on April 11th, 1983 at an Assembly of God Church in Hamburg.  This led to my decision to attend a Christian College and begin a path of a personal relationship with Jesus.  Over the years, I have been very close and then fallen away, only to have God be there when I run back to him.

He has given me many friends over the years, including several close ones, and they have helped me in my walk with God.  Admonishing, teaching, encouraging, listening and celebrating, they have been a valuable part of my life. 

Recently, on August 19th, I became friends with someone on Facebook that is having a profound effect on my life.  I responded to a comment she made on one of my close friends' post.  Through that exchange, we became friends online and started talking that weekend.  She has a true heart for the Lord and has been understanding, supportive and encouraging.  She lives across the state and has kids and her own business.  But after talking each day and praying, we wanted to meet to see if how we connected over the phone was the same in person.  I traveled out over the Labor Day weekend and it was a very nice time.  I do not know what the future holds, but we are praying that God leads the way and if it is of God, then whatever happens, we can accept.  We attended her church and God spoke to me in a personal way though the message and prayer afterwards with some of their staff.  I have maintained a peace since that Sunday that I have not had in many years.  I know that everything is going to be OK and God is going to take care of me, just as he has done before.