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Monday, April 4, 2011

This blog is not about you….well maybe.

The following is an editorial note not only for my regular readers, but for anyone new reading my page who may be interested in dating.  (Allow me to explain)

Sometimes this blog is personal…very personal.  My goal is to blend the amusing and lighthearted along with the introspective and serious.  So far, so good.  I have received messages of encouragement from people I have not talked to for years.  Today, I received a nice message on Facebook that said in part I am comforting and connecting through people in my posts.  That amazes me and I am grateful.

I made a decision early on not to use people’s names in this blog out of respect for others.  My only exception may be if I am mentioning a friend and something they said or an experience they had.

My other motivation for writing about this came talking to one of my close friends over the weekend.  I asked her if I might scare someone who is interested in me away after  they find out I have a blog.  I recently added some new Facebook friends and one case, they changed their mind a little when they learned about the blog and thought that they might be the next posting. 

Look, my last relationship was publicized on Facebook and should have been more private.  I was very excited and happy, and as Michael W. Smith said in a song “I wanna tell the world.”  She was a more private person and I should have respected that more.  After that relationship ended, I promised myself that I would not post personal information like that and keep my dating life private.

There are two friends of mine on Facebook that I feel are doing it right.  Their relationship status is not posted or says “single.”  They let some of their photos do the talking, from a profile photo of two people, to occasional listings that are not “in your face.”  I like how they have blended it and I am going to take a page out of their book whenever I get involved again.

So back to the editorial at hand.  Whenever I start dating someone again, I will not use this blog as a commentary on the relationship.  I will keep that private, unless they feel it is OK to mention some of it.  I am sure I will find someone who not only will accept me for who I am, they will also be OK with this blog since it is also part of me.

So no, this blog is not about you.  But as I am finding out, parts of this blog relate well to others, and that was one of my goals.

This ends my editorial…I will now go back to my regularly scheduled blog.

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