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Friday, April 22, 2011

And then again....

After you're down a little, you get back up and move forward.  Last night I had a normal, relaxed, regular meet up after work that was promising.  It was our first meeting in person, after a few weeks of texts and an occasional call.  A casual meeting for drinks and talk that lasted until we were the only 2 people left except for the wait staff.

At helped to affirm that I can still be a nice guy and have an enjoyable time with no agenda or future plans made.

Now off to work and then an Easter weekend with my kids....and more rain here in the Northeast.

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  1. Glad that one went well. We need to talk sometime soon. Nothing too exciting here, but lots of little things, maybe baby steps toward what I am hoping any rate, would love to catch up with you when you have time. :-)