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Friday, April 8, 2011

DIAMNDS—they really were her best friend…

It’s time to add a little laughter to the mix here and bring it up a notch from all the introspection of late.  This goes back to December 31st, 2009 and into early January 2010.  My only regret is that I no longer have the texts to prove it.

To my friends Dini and Vivian, this is for you, as you remember this all too well…

On December 31st, 2009, I attended a New Year’s Eve party outside Harrisburg at Felicita Resort.  I was with a group of 20+ friends.  This was an event organized by one of my friends who is an organizer of an area MeetUp singles group.

While there, I made my way to one of the portable bars in the far corner of the room.  There was an attractive woman in a black dress, who happened to be the bartender at that station.  I said hello and requested a drink.

Her first question, “Are you single?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Can I have your number?” was the next thing she said.

Well, that threw me.  I have been known for going out of my comfort zone and putting my number out there early on, but OK.  I was willing to give it a try.

I went back to her station two more times that night and we exchanged numbers.  We talked a little about my kids and her son, and agreed to call.  She was done before midnight and left to go home.  I enjoyed the rest of the evening with my friends.

The next day, I called her in the afternoon and we talked a little more and agreed to meet for dinner Monday night in Harrisburg at a place called RockBass, along the river.

So Monday came and we met after work.  The dinner went well and during our conversation, some interesting things came up.  First, she said that while the place was nice, she pointed out some things like part of the ceiling was dirty, the inside seemed dated, etc.  She also talked about a previous boyfriend who took her to the Bahamas several times.

When we left, she wanted me to call again.  We got into our cars and I followed her out of the lot.  I noticed her license plate that read DIAMNDS.

When I got home and settled in, I called her and asked if they were her best friend.  She replied that they were.  Her next comment was one for the ages.

“How would you like to pamper me?”

Now at this point, I had already put 2 and 2 together and realized that I had neither the money nor the time to support where she was headed.  I, however, decided to follow along and see where it went.
“And how would I pamper you?” I replied.

She said, “I like good friends, spending time shopping, and an occasional allowance.”

Our conversation ended shortly after that, as she had to run, but before we did, I wanted to see about making plans for Saturday.  She told me that she was going shopping in King of Prussia and would let me know.

So the next day we started texting.  I wanted to know more about how I could pamper her (I was not being mean, but I was now curious and still not believing what I heard the night before)

Starting with her comments in italics, the texts went something like this:

“I’m looking for a cashmere coat at the King of Prussia mall.  And if you want to pamper me, I could use a new pair of boots.”

“How much are we talking about here”

“Well a new pair of boots costs between $200 and $400 dollars.  When can I get the money from you?”

Well, I work late this week, but might have some time Thursday night.”

“Thursday night may not work for me.  Where do you work at?  I can meet you for the money.”

“OK, we’ll see.”


“How have you been?  Can I get the money from you?  I don’t think we can get together Saturday.  I am shopping with my friends and want to get a new coat.”

“I don’t have that $200 to $400 for a pair of boots.  I’m not meeting to give you the money.”

…..Wait for it… came a few minutes later…

“Don’t ever call or talk to me again.”

And that was it.  All she wanted was boots, at least to start.  It really happened.  And I learned a valuable lesson…. Alcohol and a beautiful woman do not always mix, especially if it involves pampering or a new pair of boots.


  1. I remember that, Steve! I think that one outdoes even my toothless stalker. :-)

  2. I am just amazes that she actually had the nerve to ask someone she did not even really know for money like that!! Obviously someone you did not need to know. Great story, Steve.