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Monday, April 25, 2011


Do you ever have one of those days?

First off, it's a Monday.   Strike 1

I'm feeling a little punchy, off-kilter.  There is a lot on my mind.  Work is busy right out of the gate, some Member issues, loans to prepare, weekend follow up.   Strike 2

Soccer game to reschedule.  Kids off school.  My son has a Lacrosse Game.  My daughter has soccer tryouts.   Strike 3

You get the picture.....

I have unfinished projects, like my basement.  My dad offers some suggestions on improvements, like changing my door to swing out, not inside.  I want to work on my front yard, but it seems to rain every time I have a chance, which is not too much lately.  I have plans for landscaping.

I feel like my house is falling apart while my ex-wife is pouring money into appliances, counter top, hardwood flooring all downstairs....while I have a broken spindle on my stairs, press and peel flooring that needs replacing and a basement to finish.

I may have staff changes at work and that may mean down some staff in May.  That means more hours for me, the Manager, to be there and see things through.

Nothing new on the dating front.  I am trying to plan a getaway, I mean really away across the country and cannot commit to the time because if possible staff changes at work.

I'm exhausted, tired and frustrated...and I have a birthday next week and feel older, not young like I normally feel.

PERSPECTIVE.....It's all in how you look at it.

I had no plans to write this, and then I was in the basement and it hit me.....God spoke to me in his own way and said "It's all in your perspective...look at it again." 

So I did.

First off, it's a Monday.  You got all your issues solved before 11 am.  And you opened 3 accounts today.  They were from your friend that you went on 2 dates with and kept in touch because you are a nice guy and it paid off.  Strike 1 and Strike 2 down for the count...

One soccer game solved and one two finish Tuesday.  My parents came to help out.  They got my son to the bus for the game and my daughter to soccer tryouts.  I was around after work to pick them up.  They were fed and were fine.  Strike 3 thrown out...

My dad is good with projects and wants to help.  He complimented me on my handiwork and will replace the door for me and secure my window downstairs.  He is retired and likes the work.  It keeps him busy.  He is also replacing the spindle for me.  Heck, I need to repaint them anyway, so I can go with a new color. 

Tonight, I got the kids, made dinner, worked some outside and started clearing the mulch and plants out front.  Did 2 loads of laundry.  Got their soccer and lacrosse bags ready, worked on Ariana's science project with her and wrote a blog.  Not to shabby for a few hours....

My house is not falling apart and I am choosing to spend my money on a vacation for my kids in June, home improvements and have money for friends, dates, etc.  My bills are paid on time and I have breathing room.  You cannot worry about what someone else is doing, I tell myself.

Changes at work may not be a bad thing.  We can bring someone in eager to work and grow my branch.  It can mean a new beginning and looks good for me if I keep a level head and work through it.

I have friends to hang out with.  I can re-work plans to take a vacation for myself and the dates will come.  Just take it easy, be confident, and they will come to you...

Finally, I am as old as I feel.  I have been invited to dinner Sunday for my birthday and am off Monday on my birthday to do...whatever.

Perspective...funny how looking at things another way make all the difference. 

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