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Friday, August 5, 2011

The roller coaster ride begins....

It is Friday and Day 5 into my job search.  See I told you that this blog is more than just about relationships...

Now that my parents, kids and ex are aware, I can let everyone know and begin to network.  Using Social Media, LinkedIn, Twitter, emails and contacts, I will get the word out.

Close friends now know and are providing support.  God has been at work this week too, re-connecting me with friends I have not talked to in some time.  I know God has plans for me and I will not lose the faith.  He has given me skills and a mind to do the legwork while I wait on his voice for direction.

The question I keep getting is "What happened?"  This is not the main concern.  What happened is done.  I need to move forward and look with hope at the next opportunity in my life.

As always, there is and upside and downside to everything.  Some of the upside includes:
-Saving Gas by not driving every day
-Seeing my kids more (taking my son to 2-a-day soccer at 7:00 am daily)
-Having some time to really consider going back to school and what I want to do
-More time with God to find out what he was in store

-Loss of income
-Loss of self-image related to where I work and an identity related to that
-Loss of some friends and colleagues I talked with sometimes daily

I am not going to get depressed and curl up.  I am awaiting information on unemployment and if I will receive it or how much, and then how much I can work PT while maintaining benefits.  I will ask God what I am looking for and ask him to deliver on his promises.  If we are faithful and believe, we have promises from God and can ask him to deliver.

This is the start of a new journey and I am excited, but getting prepared for a lot of work ahead.

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