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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Tonight at VBS, we learned that Jesus gives us our direction.  Sometimes in life, what we hoped would happen, or think would happen, does not.  There are detours, off ramps, diversions and sometimes, dead ends. 

Somethings things get shattered.  When these unexpected things happen, we have a choice on how to react.  This is our attitude.  Shattered + Attitude = Shattitudered

I have not always had a good attitude about things.  I have had to work, and still work on it.  I have to remember to think positive things on purpose, even when negative things can happen.

So, recently on my back patio, we bought a used patio table, umbrella and chairs that were for sale at a house close to ours.  Prior to this, we had (4) chairs on the patio that I spray painted and clear coated to be the same color.  These chairs did not match.  (2) of the chairs did--the other (2) did not.   The cushions for the chairs also were not all the same.  And prior to this, I had (2) Chairs and a small table.

So, when my wife found a table and chairs, I told her to get it sight unseen.  We brought it home over a weekend and it looked great.  It came with a new umbrella that provided shade out back.  We have had this patio set for a month now, and were starting to use it more each day.

Now today it was windy, and the umbrella was left open.  I was at work when my wife called me.  Apparently, the wind lifted the umbrella up from the stand and it landed on an angle, and doing so, shattered the glass table into many small pieces.  It looked like breakaway glass when I saw it tonight.

So, in the midst of a busy work day, I had a choice to make.  I could go to the negative side and think that we just paid for this, and now we need a new table.  Or, where am I going to find replacement glass to fit, or feel disappointed-like "why did this happen to me?" 

But this time, I first asked if anyone was hurt.  No one was outside when it happened, so that was a no.  Then I thought about keeping the glass away from the grandkids in case they went outside.  My wife was already on that.  She told me she would work on cleaning it up during her break. 

Although this example may be something simple, I had to make sure my attitude matched the situation.  No one was hurt.  The table can be replaced.  And you cannot do anything about it, because you are at work.

When I got home, I had some time to clean it up before going to VBS.  My wife cleaned the rest up this evening.  My step-daughter starting looking online for tables that anyone was selling.

Then tonight, an unexpected result from keeping a positive attitude.   After I got back from VBS, my wife arranged the chairs and moved the umbrella and stand off to one side.  It opened up the patio and will allow us to still have shade when we need it.  We can still look for a table, but don't have to do it right away.   And even if the table color is not the same as the chairs, it will still look good together. 

So, this was an unexpected turn today that will all work out.  Most things in life do.  I have to keep remembering that Jesus give us our direction.  We taught this to the kids tonight.  And I have to keep teaching it to the big kid-myself. 

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