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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Pillow Talk...

Hmmm...Glad you did not go there.   This light-hearted post is about pillows.  More directly, the pillows on our bed.  At last count, I think there were about 15 pillows of various sizes.

When I moved in and set up my room, I had 4 pillows.  (2) per side, and that seemed to work out just fine.  There were blinds in the windows and I replaced them with pleated Roman shades.  This helped to make the room darker to sleep, but left some light in between the windows in the middle.

This was before I added the shades.

A few years later, and a year after that, my wife and her boys moved in.  She brought pillows, and we have bought new pillows since then.  Pillows have increased and so has their function.  I did not realize that more pillows actually are better.

See, I am a minimalist.  I don't need that much.  Being married, I have learned to embrace new ideas and thinking.  (I know, it is just pillows)  This is some Saturday silliness here.

When I sit up in Bed and write this blog, or read, I use (3) long, larger pillows for my back support.  (2) of those I use to sleep with.  I use a smaller one over my head (to fall asleep--makes the room darker) 

Remember that gap between the shades than can let light in?  Shari has a small embroidered green pillow that says "Christmas Tea" on it.  This get wedged between the headboard and the window.  Problem solved!  We have a darker room.  (We both like a room quiet and dark.)
Lastly for myself, I use a small, red pillow with a heart design in the center.  This is used to elevate my legs to sleep.

Shari uses some of the remaining pillows to work and sleep.  When she sits up in bed, those large pillows are in use.  When she sleeps, they are tossed to the foot of the bed.  She uses a soft, cushy red/white pillow to sleep on.  A memory foam pillow, mid-side long red pillow, and another pillow are used as body pillows for comfort.    Finally, she has another smaller pillow to elevate her legs.

It's fun making the bed in the morning stacking and hiding all the pillows.  You would think that during the day, the pillows get a break.  But not so, they are the domain of the dog and cat, who lay on the pillows and take in the view.

Look, today is my stepson's birthday.  Noah turns 19, and we have people over.  I wanted to write, so I wrote about pillows.  It's a blog.  Have fun.

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