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Sunday, May 1, 2016're almost 50!!!

Well, my wife did it.  She planned a surprise party for my birthday.  She told many people (I mean, by boss showed up).  No one let it slip.  That is not easy.  I hear everything.  I notice if something is off.  You have to use deception and subterfuge to keep me off balance.

Honestly, I thought it was going to be on my Birthday.  On May 2nd.  I received a text from her last week.  "My boss said we should go out to eat at Shady Maple on your birthday."  I decided to play along.  "OK.  I hear you eat for free on your birthday."  Now, you do eat for free, but it is not cheap.  I began to wonder if she was planning something, but I pushed it out of my mind.

After all, we had another birthday first.  My stepson turned 19 on Saturday the 30th.  We had people over and needed to plan for that.  Also, this weekend, the 7th-my other stepson, David, graduates from Geneva College, where I sent to college.  We are going away for the weekend and have to plan for that.  On top of that, I am planning for our summer shore trips.

Soooo, Sunday morning, today.  It starts out like a normal Sunday.  I like to get up early and go to church before it starts.  We go to our 10:30 service.  Between the first and second service, they have food in our fellowship hall.  I like to go, get some breakfast and hang out.  Normally, my daughter Ariana and step son Phil go with me.  Shari follows later.  Now, we also have more house guests.  My step daughter, husband, and their 2 kids are staying with us, as they are moving to the area.

Anyway, my wife was up early to write a paper for her school work.  When I was ready and downstairs, she was putting home made mac and cheese in a crock pot.  She told me that this was for lunch after church.  OK, I bought that.  Because, we were going to Texas Roadhouse that afternoon at 4 for a birthday dinner.

Well, Ariana and Phil went with me to church at the normal time.   As we were leaving, Justin came back from running errands (that is my step-daughter's husband)  I found out later the errands also included getting some food and drinks picked up....and the cake.

We got to church and I went in when it started.  Normally Ariana and Phil go in with me.  I thought they were getting food.

Well, the service goes on and no one else is down to sit with me.  I thought that was odd.  No kids.  No Shari.  No Moriah or Justin.  Finally, Justin shows up, but no one else.  Shari texts me that she is running late and that Moriah is with her son.  After church ends, everyone shows up, and then Shari is asking me to help her find something downstairs in the fellowship hall.  Normally, she is a busy bee, talking to many people.  Today, she was making sure I did not leave.

Well, when I went downstairs....boom.  Surprise!!!  My parents.  People I work with.  People from Church.  Other friends.  My son, Drew.  Turns out, it was a walk in party until 3 pm.   There was a photo wall that my dad put together.  A Star Wars cake.  And lunch.  I asked if there was Texas Roadhouse later.  Nope.  That was a cover to keep me off track.

There you go.  My last day in the 40's.  Not too bad.  Here are a few photos....

BTW, some of us went to Texas Roadhouse anyway for dinner, and I sat on the saddle....

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