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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Unatanium 2

Occasionally I get a glimpse of the qualities I am looking for in a woman.  I understand that there is no perfect person, relationship or that I will find someone with all the qualities and things I am looking for (remember THE LIST anyone?)

But, whether God allows me to, or by happenstance, there are times I run onto someone that would be worth waiting for.  And maybe not that person, but someone like her, if that makes any sense.  Let me give you some examples and see if that helps.

-The woman who works at the Consignment Shop who I briefly dated (but our timing was off) and who has been dating someone ironically named Steve for some time now.  (Steve's rule the just have not realized it yet)

-The woman I started dating last fall and over the holidays (see earlier posts)

-The woman at Giant where I work who manages the front line and now recently engaged

-The woman I met online, had one date with and remain occasional friends via Facebook

-The woman playing bass during one of the sessions at the Blues Jam I attended tonight

-The woman I went out on one date with recently and hope to see again, maybe next weekend or on the holiday

I am not a vain person (I certainly hope not) and recently hitting 45 makes one evaluate themselves.  Sure, age is just a number and I certainly do not act my age, but you see it helps one's ego to know that there are woman that do not mind spending time with me.

Everyone has qualities they are looking for in someone else, and these vary from person to person.  So if I meet someone who has some of the qualities I am looking for and we make a connection or friendship, or they do out on a date, well then wow...I am doing alright.

In the words of "Ralph Mouth" from the TV show Happy Days "I still got it."

If I am to believe the direction that God is moving me and from all the recent evidence I have seen in my life then somewhere out there is someone that will surpass all my expectations and "knock my socks off."

I am feeling better about waiting.  Thanks for waiting along with me......

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