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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Facebook thoughts.....

So it hit me last night as I was thinking about some of my friends on Facebook as to the number of women that I am friends with that I have also either dated, had a fling, or a relationship with. 

My context is that I have remained friends with these women over the years in person, or have re-connected with them through the magic of Facebook.  That made me feel good.

Personally, I do not like to burn bridges.  If possible, I try to remain friends.  It doesn't always work out and sometimes you lose touch with some of them.  My recent foray into dating has been teaching and confirming lessons about being myself, staying the nice guy, and your friends will grow.

Now back to my thoughts....Some of my female friends include:

-A childhood girlfriend
-Someone who helped me "understand" the female anatomy
-Jr High Prom Date
-Sr. High Prom Date
-Freshman year college girlfriend
-Sophmore year college girlfriend
-College Christmas date-Jr year
-Senior year college girlfriend
-First post divorce fling
-Post divorce few dates (1 person)
-First post divorce relationship
-Recent date turned friend

Now the fun is to figure out who is who.  :)


  1. I know who several of them are. In fact, I know one of them very well. :-)

  2. Your groupies on here are all female also! LOL! I guess you do attract the women.