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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Going the Distance and doing a Hookup

Well, I really thought it might work out.  My first relationship since my divorce lasted 5 months and lived 1.5 hours away.  Ultimately one of the factors that ended it was the distance.  I had a recent dating experience that lasted 4 dates and they live 1.5 hours away.  In that instance, to paraphrase her recent email, Logistically we're doomed.
It looks like I will need to shorten my distance from home next time.
In the dates I have had since the divorce, I have had an age swing from 36 to 48, that’s a 12-year difference.  Age is just a number, I understand and it felt great for a then 44-year old to have someone interested in them who were 8 years younger.  Generally speaking, the older they are, the older their kids are and in that maybe more flexibility.
It looks like I may want to tighten up my age range a little bit.

Some of my dates have been almost my height; while with others have been downright short.
It looks like I may want to stay within a certain height range

I could continue, but allow me to break this down further and explain where I am going:

LOCATION/DISTANCE: 50 miles or less, or no more than an hour away
AGE:  Range would be 39-49, based on age of kids and other factors
HEIGHT:  Above 5’-4” preferred
HAIR/EYES:  Does not matter
BODY: prefer thin, athletic or average
ETHNICITY: Caucasian preferred
RELIGION: Christian, not other religion or non-religious
POLITICS: No preference
EDUCATION: Prefer college level or beyond.  Hard to exclude if you did not attend college
INCOME: Tied to Education, but not always
JOB: No preference
SMOKE: Must be a no
HAS KIDS: Not a problem, most people in the above age range do

Now before you think it….The TITLE of this Blog is not about hooking up or going the distance in a physical sense.  Shame on you…..

No, this is a lead in to what I promised I would talk about, the two dating sites I am currently on.  And I am starting with the lesser of the two in terms of size and variety,

The above characteristics are part of every profile on this site.  I listed what my preferences are for someone I am looking for.  I have my characteristics listed on my profile page.  (Where I live, height, eye color, body type, etc) 

My next post will introduce you to the world of and some of the adventures I have had on there….stay tuned.

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