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Saturday, July 2, 2011


With the exception of Christmas (birth of Jesus and well Christmas) and Easter (celebrate resurrection of Jesus), most holidays for me are not always happy circumstances.

If you believe the ads, TV, and radio, holidays are family time get togethers, picnics and parties with friends.  Everyone has a place to go and is always happy.  What about the families who are divorced?  Single people with not many friends, etc.  For home people, the holidays can be depressing.  Now, I am not depressed, but wanted to elaborate more.

I have a small family, 2 parents, myself and 2 kids.  I have no brothers and sisters.  My cousins are across the state or in other states.  There are no reunions or get togethers during the year.  In fact, when I see them it is either for a wedding for a funeral.  Now it was different growing up, there were parties my parents attended and there were friends my age.

When I was married, holidays were fun.  We would host a party or be invited to one and the kids always had friends around.

Fast forward to today.  Being a single father, with sharing of my kids, no girlfriend, or close friends that live near to me, keeps options limited.  My parents live in a 50+ development of new homes and celebrate the 4th of July, for example, with a picnic at their "clubhouse" with other residents.  I could attend, but there would be no one of my age to be with. 

The next part is not meant as a pity party.  I am the only one to blame for this and would really like suggestions on how to correct it....  I do not get invited to many parties.  In part, because I have isolated myself in some areas after the divorce and understand that most parties or events are usually couples, or families with kids, not a single person attending to mooch some food and drink.  Do you have any suggestions on how I can be more approachable or someone who could at least be asked more?

Now in context for this weekend, I have my kids and was invited to "June Birthday's Celebration" tonight.  My kids were not interested since they would not know any one there and at their ages, 11 and 15, would rather invite someone along, but I don't always want to impose on the host of the event.  We will look for fireworks to attend on Sat and Sun night and be at the house on Monday..

Maybe things will change again one day, but for now I wanted you to know that now everyone is always excited about the next holiday that comes along.

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